Rebuilt Bridge Cranes

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Our Rebuild Work:

Below features our current and recent bridge crane rebuild work:

219/89 Ton Morgan Hot Metal Cranes: Complete Crane Rebuild

30/5 Ton Milwaukee Crane: Complete Crane Rebuild

30/10 Ton Class D Whiting Respan: Bridge Modifications

25 Ton Class D P&H Crane 50' Span Project: Complete Crane Rebuild

5 Ton Shaw Box Top Running Double Girder: Complete Recondition & Re-span

5 Ton Wright Single Girder Crane: Complete Crane Recondition

40 Metric Ton Kranco Trolley Hoist & New 60' Gantry: Complete Crane Recondition

25 Ton Class D P&H, 60' Span Project: Complete Crane Recondition

25 Ton Class E Fish Belly Crane, 100' Span Project: Complete Crane Recondition

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